Community Guidelines

Thank you for reading our community guidelines. Our mission is to provide singles who are serious about meeting genuine, like-minded people, a safe and enjoyable place in which to do so. We are here for single adults who are looking for a serious, long-term relationship - not a "hook-up" or an affair or "discreet meet".

We really want all our members to enjoy their time with us and to feel that they are part of a welcoming and inclusive community.

To achieve this, we ask all our members to:

Be Respectful

Our Terms of Use explain in detail the profile content you are free to post. If in doubt, drop the customer service team a line first and they'll be happy to advise you as to whether it's suitable.

We're not prudes, but please don't try to add naked or provocative pictures to your profile (there are other sites you can go to for this!). Likewise, for safe-guarding purposes, please don't add photos of your children/grandchildren, no matter how cute.

Please make sure main photos are current and that they show you as you are now (not as you'd like to be!). No first date will ever go well if it has to start with an explanation as to why you look nothing like your profile picture.

Profile content can be as witty, funny and engaging as you like - this is, after all, your first chance to make a great impression. However, be mindful (especially when it comes to humour) - if there's any chance it may be perceived as inappropriate, racist, inflammatory, or just plain unpleasant, it's time to reflect and re-edit – positivity is definitely the best approach! The same goes for messages to other members. If there is nothing nice to be said, best say nothing at all. Also, please don't put the cart before the horse by sending anyone an overtly explicit message or one that could be misconstrued, until you're sure the interest/attraction is mutual and the person concerned has clearly shown that they are happy to take the conversation in that direction.

If we feel that a member is behaving in a way that spoils other people's enjoyment of the site, we will take action which can range from warning or suspending that person from the site. If the behaviour is persistent, we will not hesitate to remove offending members (without refund!).

Be respectful towards others (including our customer service team!) and importantly...

Be Considerate

As in real life, not everyone who contacts you will end up being your cup of tea (and vice versa). However, if someone has spent the time reading your profile and crafting a carefully worded message to you, we'd encourage you to be polite and send a short response in reply. Behind every picture and profile lies a real person with hopes, fears and feelings and we have a host of free OneLiners that you can use for speed and convenience. By behaving considerately, we hope you will receive the same respect in return!

Perhaps you like someone on the site, but the feeling doesn't seem to be reciprocated? It's hard not to take rejection personally (especially if you are beginning to feel emotionally invested), but try to move on from these moments with grace. By taking no for an answer, and turning your attention to new connections (rather than old ones), you will feel more positive and in control of your dating.

Equally, when you've been on a date - even if it didn't turn out the way you hoped for, be respectful and considerate. A quick text to say thank you for the meeting (even if you never want to see them again) costs nothing. Be polite, let people down gently and move on. The golden rule here - treat others as you would wish to be treated.

Dating Safely

We have many measures in place to protect our members from fraudulent activity, be it around data, or potential scamming/phishing. However, there is always an element of behaviour that we can't safe-guard against - and that is yours!

So, please take the time to read our guide to dating safely - and if you remember nothing else from it, just remember never, ever give someone money! People shouldn't ask - and you shouldn't offer (no matter how much of a lovely, kind-hearted person you are). If anyone does approach you for money, please report them to our customer service team so they can investigate.

Likewise, if you are already in contact with someone but begin to have second thoughts - don't feel pressured to continue corresponding. If a member continues to contact you to a point where their attention becomes unwelcome, there is a blocking feature you can use to prevent this. We encourage our community to report all instances of abusive or harassing behaviour. We will not disclose who reported who and by working together, we can make this space a safer place for everyone.

If we feel that someone’s behaviour has crossed the line, their profile may be removed and banned from the site without refund. This may sound harsh, but we want to ensure Over 40 Dating remains a pleasant and friendly place, and this can only happen when people stick to the rules and play nicely!

By joining Over 40 Dating, you're embarking on a wonderful, new phase of your life, and we're excited to be part of your journey! Don't forget our customer service team are here to help support and advise you every step of the way and we really hope you find your perfect match.